Eat The Trend: Avocado Burger Buns Are Now A Thing

It's official: We have a new favorite Instagram food trend.

Say hello to avocado buns: the newest addition to the long list of photogenic food we’re constantly lusting after. Unlike some other Instagram culinary trends, however, this one is not only delicious and healthy, but also totally achievable in your own kitchen!

In fact, avocado buns are just as simple as the name suggests. Simply peal and halve an avocado, and then use the resulting green domes as a bun for your favorite meat or veggie burger!

While some people are questioning the structural integrity of avocado buns, we think that the utter culinary perfection of the trend makes up for any potential difficulties in gripping the burger. After all, when is the last time that your favorite bread bun actually held up throughout the entire burger-devouring process?

According to Eater, avocado buns are the brainchild of culinary genius fooddeco, who initially displayed the creation with a vegan chickpea patty and sesame seeds. Personally, however, we think that the avant-garde masterpiece would be even more delicious when paired with a juicy beef burger and all of its fixings.

Here at Cooking Panda, we’ll be trying out avocado buns for ourselves as soon as humanly possible. We wouldn’t be surprised if the result was so delectable that we gave up bread entirely in favor of vegetable sandwiches, toast and burgers!

Check out the gorgeous avocado bun pictures, and then try the trend for yourself. Just don’t forget a napkin (or two)!