Eating Kinder Bars And Other Delicious Chocolates Could Be Really Dangerous

German watchdog Food Watch has found in Kinder chocolate bars and other snacks not joy, not sweetness, not comfort, but carcinogens.

You know, that substance that can cause cancer.

The organization is pushing for a recall of some Kinder, Ferrero and Aldi products after scientists tested the treats positive for mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAHs), according to The Local.

If that doesn't already sound like something that doesn't belong in your body, Food Watch added that MOAHs can "damage the human genome," Metro reports.

The European Food Safety Authority backs up these claims, having called MOAHs "likely" "carcinogenic and mutagenic."

Despite concerns, both Kinder and Ferrero have denied requests to recall any products.

Ferrero said in a statement that traces of mineral oils "exist nearly everywhere in the environment" (hooray!) and could have found their way into candies through the packaging or transportation process.

"... [We] are working on technical solutions to minimize these omnipresent substances as much as possible and to avoid transfer and migration to food," the statement read.

The Association of the German Confectionary Agency (BDSI) said that MOAHs are found only in packaging as a result of recycled materials being used - and the food inside is safe to eat, reported The Local.

Foodwatch campaigner Johannes Heeg isn't buyin' it. He said BDSI's language is too dismissive.

"You can't see [MOAH], you can't taste it, but it's in there," he said.