Eating Your Cereal In A Square Bowl Tastes Better

How do you eat your breakfast in the mornings? Do you grab a granola bar and head out the door? Do you take the time to sit down and enjoy your cereal with a cup of coffee? A new study suggests that neither of these options is the way to go.

Metro News reports that a recent study has shown that eating while standing up, and eating from a square-shaped bowl has more health benefits than eating while sitting down, or eating from a round bowl. Who knew?

The study was conducted by Special K, and overseen by Dr. Jennifer Newson, a neuroscience consultant who studied at Oxford. A group of 78 women, ages 18-65, ate cereal in round versus square-shaped bowls, and the findings were fascinating.

"The interviews conducted with the women who took part in the experiment suggest many of us eat with our eyes because the cereal looked more [appetizing] in a square shaped bowl the women found it more nutritious," explained Dr. Newson.

"More than ever, people are eating ‘on the go’, and we found that eating standing up actually increased how wholesome people thought the cereal was.

"Based on the new evidence," added Dr. Newson, "it could be argued that when we’re not sitting down at a breakfast table, our brain’s perception of nutrition is higher," 

A survey followed that showed that currently only 10 percent of people eat their breakfast standing up at all, and 90 percent are eating that cereal from a round bowl.

I'm not sure that I understand the science behind these findings, and even more confusing to me is that only women were considered in the experiment, and only women were surveyed. Do only women eat breakfast? Or is it that only women would consider switching their round bowls to square ones and/or eat standing up rather than sitting down?

I can't help but feel that a lot more research needs to happen to back these claims, but it wouldn't hurt to try this new breakfast method out yourself and see how it affects your day. One thing we're learning for sure is that we do need to pay more attention to how we do breakfast. It's said to be the most important meal of the day, after all.