Embrace Your Inner Wizard And Make Your Next Cocktail Defy Gravity

Are your parties a total snooze fest? Are your friends tired of chugging white wine from red Solo cups like classless college kids? Are you frustrated with the way gravity keeps your drink sitting motionless on tables like some boring inanimate object? We've got the answer for you.

Win your friends back with the Levitating CUP, a cocktail glass that floats in mid-air.

The magnetic cup is held afloat by an electromagnetic base. It also comes with receptacles for beer and desserts, along with pillows for an ultra-lavish, Aladdin-like presentation. 

The Levitating CUP was created by Joe Paglione, CEO of the Chicago-based startup responsible for its invention.

Each cup comes with a universal power adaptor kit, which means you can take your levitating drank holders anywhere from an uncomfortable holiday sweater shindig at the office to your unsuspecting neighbors' housewarming party.

Levitating plates and coffee cups are also available, and bases come in black, white and futuristic chrome colors.

You can snag your floating cup in both wired and wireless varieties. We suggest splurging on the wireless, attaching the magnetic base underneath a table and shouting "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA" as you flourish a wand at a floating glass of butterbeer to the utter confusion and delight of your guests.

The lowest price for a single cup is $139, and even Paglione admits you're paying purely for gimmicks and giggles. So the gravity-defying cup won't heighten the taste of your beverage or keep it cool throughout the night, but you can't argue with this: levitation is tight.

The startup's Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the cups is halfway to its $50,000 goal.

Forever improve the quality of your dinner parties, Bingo nights and -- let's be honest -- quiet evenings spent in front of the television alone with the Levitating CUP, most likely shipping in October.