Enjoy A Free Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream Cone On April 12!

Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day is back!

On April 12, head to your local Ben and Jerry’s to enjoy a free cone from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. There's no fine print on this free snack, so you don’t need to pretend you have a twin if you attempt to get another free cone.

Free Cone Day has existed since 1979, and it’s been a global event since the year 2000. You can enjoy a free cone in dozens of countries around the world.

The Ben and Jerry’s website offers several tips to prepare you for the Free Cone Day experience, such as explaining how you can utilize Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to do good by supporting small-scale farmers, promoting clean waterways, and helping people who have faced various barriers to employment. Ben and Jerry’s also supports fair trade sourcing, climate justice, and marriage equality. Isn’t it nice to do good by eating something that tastes good?

More tips are provided you to help you once you get to the store. Ten ideas are given to help you pass the time while waiting in line, and since you can get in line as often as you please, you may be waiting a lot. From starting a wave to doing the "Ice Cream Shuffle," there are a myriad of options to help you pass the time.

You may also want to look out for the seven types of customers are regularly observed on Free Cone Day, such as "The Cone-spiracy Theorist," "The Cone-cealer," and "The Cone-quistador."