Enjoy St. Patrick's Day Green Donuts At Krispy Kreme!

Don't you just love St. Patrick's Day? Some cities like to dye their rivers green, some like to throw big parties and all like to encourage the wearing of green. This year, Krispy Kreme is jumping on board with the St. Paddy's Day festivities by making their Original Glazed donut wear green as well.

Brand Eating reports that the donut giant will be offering up green versions of their glazed donuts called the "Green O'riginal Glazed." Basically, it's the Original Glazed donut with a little Irish twist. We know, we know -- Krispy Kreme offered these donuts last year, too. The difference (other than the word "Green" added to the name) is that this year they'll be available at even more locations!

When the donut debuted in March of 2016, a press release announced its arrival. “St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect occasion to change the color of the Original Glazed, and our customers love sharing them with family and friends,” said Jackie Woodward, chief marketing officer of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. “What’s even rarer -- like finding a four-leaf clover -- is altering the name of such an iconic product. We’ve never done it. But in this instance, it’s fun and joyful, just like the holiday.”

So, what do you think of festive look? Would you like to have a green glazed donut on the day of green? I appreciate the sentiment and the observance of the holiday, but I'm not so sure a green donut looks all that appetizing. Green icing and clover sprinkles would have probably been prettier!

Either way, if you're feeling festive you've got to try them out. St. Patrick's Day is on a Friday this year, so the best gift you can give your employees (other than the day off) is a nice big box of Krispy Kreme's Green O'riginal Glazed donuts! The green donuts will be featured at select locations in the U.S. and Canada, so check your location to find out if they're available.