Enjoy The Last Of Summer With 7 Watermelon Drinks (Recipes)

If you're clinging wildly to the last few dregs of summer before fall officially begins, I don't blame you one bit.

As much as I welcome sweater weather and warm, spiced drinks, it can be tough to say goodbye to pool parties, barbecues, sleeping in and that unshakeable feeling of freedom that has been hardwired into us since we were kids -- even if we haven't been able to take a real vacation in years.

Fortunately, you still have a few excuses to avoid acknowledging the start of fall for a bit longer as summer officially winds down.

A bunch of summery produce is still available. For instance, watermelon season is just finishing up (depending on where you live!), so there's a good chance you can still stock up on the ultimate summery fruit, and what better way to enjoy it than to blend it or juice it into a cocktail?

1. Basil Gimlet Fizz

Does it get more stunning than a clear cocktail with frozen watermelon chunks standing in for ice cubes and big basil leaves floating in this super refreshing, light classic drink? I think not! If you happen to get a dud of watermelon, this is a great use for it, and if you prefer mint, you can definitely use it instead of basil -- it's delicious either way.

2. Peppermelon

Black peppercorn honey syrup brings a certain spicy zing to this sweet watermelon, gin and lime cocktail. It is certainly unexpected, but once you try this one, you'll fall in love.

3. Watermelon Squares in Campari​

Does this count as a cocktail? I'm saying yes. Count on Martha Stewart to come up with the fanciest possible way to serve up watermelon cubes -- by dipping them into bittersweet, herbal Campari liqueur. Delicious!

4. Spicy Cachaca and Watermelon Cooler

If you happen to have some of the spicy, fruity Brazilian spirit that is cachaca, make sure you save a little to mix with watermelon and jalapenos (feel free to use another variety of fresh chili pepper if you prefer your drink flaming hot or on the mild side), because this drink is FIRE.

5. Melon-Mint Sangria

Sweet melon and cooling mint are sure to keep your temperature down as you spit this white wine sangria on one of those still-sweltering afternoons.

6. Watermelon Vodka Slush

Feel free to use regular vodka and add a bit of melon liqueur, as it certainly makes the whole deal absolutely delightful. If you'd like, you can also make this with other, creamier types of melon like cantaloupe, honeydew or a mix thereof.

7. Watermelon Bloody Marys

This savory cocktail has all the usual fixings you'd expect in a Bloody Mary, but the addition of fresh watermelon puree/juice brings a welcome pop of fresh sweetness for a subtle change-up.