Ever Wanted To Eat Poo-Shaped Dessert From A Toilet-Like Bowl? There's A Restaurant For You

If you're known to think and talk about poop at the dinner table, there's a restaurant coming to Toronto just for you: the Poop Cafe Dessert Bar.

At the Koreatown spot, gone will be the days when Mom gasped at you for farting during dinner or when your wimpy friend Samantha sassily interrupted, "Um, we're eating," as you described your bowel movements in daring detail.

It's high time dung got a new rep. One daring business owner thinks it should start with the food scene.

"I'm trying to make poop cute," said owner Lien Nguyen, according to The Star.

She got the idea for the Poop Cafe when visiting a Taiwanese toilet-themed restaurant a couple of years ago.

“It stayed in my mind for a long time. As soon as I finished school, I said, ‘OK, I’m going to bring the restaurant to Toronto.’"

Poo will not only be an acceptable topic of conversation at the cafe -- it'll run the whole show. Each food on the menu will be appropriately brown, formed into a special doodoo shape and served in a toilet bowl.

It'll be just like a trip to the bathroom, minus the smell and taste. Dung-for-dessert connoisseurs will enjoy traditional Asian sweets, such as patbingsoo (read beans with ice), as well as soft serve and pudding, at the restaurant.

How stinkin' cute.

To prevent any poodicaments, Nguyen said she plans to change the menu seasonally to reflect customer feedback. 

While the Poop Cafe is undoubtedly unique, Nguyen is joining the "(bowel) movement" fairly late. Modern Toilet, her inspiration for the cafe, has been around since 2004, and the Crazy Toilet Cafe in Moscow and Ddong Cafe in Seoul are only two of several crappy cafes throughout the world. 

A similar U.S. establishment, the Magic Restroom Cafe in Los Angeles, went down the toilet after less than a year in business.

If you can't make it to a poop-themed eatery, worry not. There are plenty of ways to bring poop into your own kitchen.