Everyone Already Guessed Oreo's Mystery Flavor (Photos)

Back in October 2017, the Nabisco-owned company revealed its non-revealing mystery-flavored Oreos as part of a Big Win guessing game. Guess the mystery flavor first, win $50,000 (or fall in second, third, fourth or fifth place with $10,000 prizes). Fans taste tested the creme-filled cookies, which looked identical to the Oreo's Original, except for one distinct detail: its pungent, fruity smell noticeable immediately upon opening.

Fans quickly tweeted their guesses, many of whom were correct in pegging the fruity scent to the nostalgic "rocks your whole mouth" Fruity Pebbles cereal. But also to declare the correct answer were Food and Wine, Refinery29, Today Show, The Daily Meal, Delish and possibly thousands of others. It was a mystery flavor so distinguishable that a kid could guess it.

The contest ended on Nov. 30 and Oreo confirmed the flavor's identity on Dec. 5. "It was a mystery for the ages," the Facebook announcement read. "That is, the stone ages." The flavor was just not ambiguous enough, or perhaps the taste and smell of Fruity Pebbles cereal just never leaves you.

One Facebook user posted his personal experience with Fruity Pebbles. "See, at first it tastes like Fruity Pebbles. But then as you keep eating, it tastes more and more like the bowl of Fruity Pebbles you ate while hiding in your closet at 4 years old while your parents fought upstairs screaming a bunch of swear words you didn't know existed at the time."

For those who guessed correctly (and whose noses and taste buds still linger with childhood memories), the wait begins for Oreo's announcement of the six winners. One Facebook user commented on the cookie company's post: "So I'm sure the 1,000,000 people who submitted Fruity Pebbles ™ cereal win right? Cause I know I submitted Fruity Pebbles but no word on winning anything or being correct."

At the time of publication, the winners had not been announced.

Oreo's surprise flavor is among the least tame. We've seen Swedish Fish, Peeps, and Banana Split-flavored creme squished between the wafer cookies. Nabisco's next move in strange flavors? Now that's a mystery worth guessing.