Employee Who Wrote Slur On Receipt Gets Fired||Fast Food Worker Fired Over Comment On Receipt

Fast Food Worker Fired Over Comment On Receipt

The franchise owner of the fast food restaurant apologized for the misconduct of one of its worker who has been fired for embarrassing and fat shaming a customer.

The North Carolina man said he felt really humiliated and embarrassed when he saw a moniker “chubby” written on his receipt after visiting the Wendy’s Gastonia.

The customer, Jimmy explained that he placed an order for himself and his fiance. “The employee asked me of my name while at the register and I clearly articulated may name Jimmy to her” Jimmy shue said. After which she replied “okay thanks” and handed the ticket to me.

However, just like every other day ” I wasn’t expecting anything awful” Jimmy said only to take a glance look at the receipt that was given to me and saw a name different from my name, “chubby “ instead of Jimmy. Which he says was an attempt to make taunt of his weight. 

Shue said he felt reluctant to own up to the slur and wanted to ignore, not until one of the employees called him up for the order and still address the same name  “chubby” as written on the ticket. 
“That’s not my name, but that’s my order,” shue said. I walked straight to the patron, grabbed my ticket and walked out angrily because I felt very embarrassed as everyone in the restaurant started laughing”.“I felt that I was being targeted because of my weight and that’s not a right treatment for anybody “shue said reporting to newsmen.

Unfortunately, the franchise owner was not available at the time of the incident , but Jimmy didn’t fail to reach out to Wendy’s corporate.

When the incident got to Wendy's they issued a statement apologizing to shue and said the employee involved has been immediately fired. A spokesperson for Wendy’s says “ the matter has been investigated and appropriate actions are being taken. “we worked very hard to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our employees and customers.” 

Although writing insulting names on receipts is nothing new as an Alabama woman also claimed she was insulted to be a crazy b---h after ordering for burger without cheese at a fast food restaurant.

However, not all notes left on a customer receipt has been bad as some are still being appreciated for their patronage. 

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