First Date Orders

First Date Orders

While we would like to think we are completely transparent and our authentic best self on the first date, typically we heighten our awareness on what we say, act and even eat. As our eyes scroll through the menu options, we may find this to be a painstakingly tedious process. Not only that, but attempting to successfully put on a nonchalant facade as we go through this selection process directs us from the present moment.



Pricing This is an interesting topic, considering the one to cover the tab is unknown (hey, I have been one of the gals who ends up covering a hefty bill, be prepared for anything, ladies and gents). The best way to combat this is not going for the cheapest item on the menu, as that may look too conservative, but an item that is on the moderate price level. This is the definition of living a balanced life, am I right?


Food Sushi

Oh, the bread and butter of this topic. Much of this is dependent on the venue you eat at. If possible, meander through the menu before arrival. That way, you will have your choice pre-selected making you easy and breezy during this portion of the date.

So this leads to the next question, what exactly is do you order? The key is bite-size. Bite-size anything: sushi, pasta, chicken and even salad (yes, it’s okay to order this). Anything that comes prepared in bite-like pieces or is easily cut with a fork and a knife is solid gold. This will prevent any sauces dripping on your new shirt or awkward biting occurrences. Most importantly, order something you enjoy. An item that you truly want to eat.

This whole topic is guidance for those who want direction to ease the mind. In reality, you are going to break the food barrier at some point (if the date goes well). So, if you are called to those garlic chicken wings, just do it. You have one life to live, so you might as well dig in.