Food blogger Tinger Hseih unveils Cooking Panda’s Mystery Box

Food blogger Tinger Hseih unveils Cooking Panda’s Mystery Box

Have you been wondering what the hype is with Cooking Panda’s Mystery Box that’s been all over social media recently? We’re excited to share our first product launch packed with delicious goodies that are ideal snacking or cooking. Let’s catch up with Food Blogger Tinger Hseih (@dashofting) as she unveils Cooking Panda’s Mystery Box.  

Interviewer: What was your first impression of the Cooking Panda Mystery Box?

Tinger: Upon arrival, I noticed how massive and heavy the box was. So I had a strong feeling that there would be a lot of food items inside. There must have been close to 45 items. I like that idea that I’m getting a surprise in a box. Especially during the pandemic, I’ve been staying home most of the times and miss exploring the different aisles of the grocery store to discover new foods. Because of where we’re at with the virus, I’m and out of the store within 15 minutes. Having this mystery box has become a fun way to explore new international snacks, spices, packaged meals, and drinks in the comfort of my home. There’s so many items in here that I still haven’t had a chance to taste test all of them yet.

Interviewer: What is your favorite item in the box?

Tinger: My favorite snack in this box is the Belgian Boy’s almond butter cakes. These bite size pieces of cake are moist, not overly sweet. This kind of reminds me of a more spongey almond cookie, which I ate growing up. I usually eat more keto-friendly or low carb snacks, but I would make exceptions to have more of these almond butter cakes once in a while. My second favorite are the peanut butter and jelly frooze balls because make me feel like a kid eating pb & j sandwiches at school minus the bread.  

Interviewer: Since you are into more healthy eating, were there options in here for you as well?

Tinger: Yes, there are quite a few healthier food options. I saw the brand RiceRight, which is a rice substitute made from protein packed lentil, chickpea, and rice flour. There’s also collagen products from Primal Kitchen because everyone wants a more youthful glow. This mystery box also includes the water enhancer packets Liquid IV to help us stay hydrated. Some other healthy snacks that I tried were the wild Alaskan smoked sockeye salmon jerky and Star’s ready to eat olives; both are sources that may provide omega 3 fats.  

Interviewer: What were you most surprised to see in the mystery box?

Tinger: Since I can’t travel and have been cooking at home more lately, I like that there’s meals and sauces that have include international flavors. For instance, I like that there’s Lee Kum Kee’s Hoisen sauce, Nongshim’s ramen noodles, and Tapito’s marinades.

Interviewer: Anything else you want to share?

Tinger: When it comes to food, I enjoy the freedom to explore as many flavors as possible. This mystery box provides real life size samples of products that I haven’t seen before. Many items that I didn’t even mention earlier, which I will let the consumer find out for himself or herself. But I do see this mystery box as an amusing way to surprise yourself or enjoy this together with a friend or family member. For $44.99, this is an entertaining experience that you can share with others or by yourself. And if you are looking for fun ways to explore travel inspired dishes, feel free to check out my blog or email me at My Instagram is @dashofting.