Foods to Activate Your Chakras

Foods to Activate Your Chakras

The awareness of the New Age movement is on the rise. Millions of individuals are studying chakras as a source of inspiration for health and wellness. While reiki is a common go-to practice for balancing these energy vortices, a simpler and more attainable practice for doing so is your diet. Eating specific foods aid in opening and/or balancing the chakras. In addition, eating colors associated with the color of the chakra also balances the chakras.

Root Chakra

The root chakra brings us into balance with the Earth, keeping us grounded and connected to our needs for survival. Eating root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, onions and radishes are beneficial. The root chakra is red; strawberries, beets, cherries, tomatoes, etc.  

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is connected to our emotional, intimate and creative well-being. Foods that are rich in Omega-3s like salmon, flax, almonds and sesame can bring this chakra to life. The sacral chakra is orange; eating carrots, mangoes, cantelope, orange peppers, sweet potatoes and pumpkin.  

Solar Plexus Chakra

Is connected to personal will and our self-esteem. This chakra thrives off of complex carbohydrates, such as oats, brown rice, spelt and millet. Warming spices such as ginger and turmeric gives love to the solar plexus as well. The solar plexus chakra is yellow; bananas, lemons, corn and pineapple.  

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is connected to our compassion, love (for ourselves and others) and establishes our self-worth. Eating fresh and raw foods brings life to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is green; broccoli, leafy greens, celery, green peppers, avocado, cucumber, lime, peas.  

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is connected to communication, honesty and openness. The throat chakra craves soothing foods, preferably liquid, such as coconut water, herbal teas. Juicy plums, lemons, apples and pears are also beneficial. The throat chakra is blue; blueberries, blackberries, blue corn.  

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye is connected to wisdom, or insight for our future. It allows us to focus and gives us perspective on ourselves, life and surroundings. For clarity, one must open the mind. Easing stressors in life is vital, therefore, cacao and herbal teas are helpful to keeping the third eye open. The third eye chakra is indigo; purple grapes, purple cabbage, purple carrots, eggplant, purple kale.


Crown Chakra

The crown chakra keeps our mind (or the more spiritual term, consciousness) open to all that surrounds us. The crown chakra is a bit different than the others, in terms of nourishment. It craves detoxifying elements, such as meditation and yoga rather than food itself. Meditation Herbs: Sage, lavender, palo santo.