Forget A Bounce House, You Can Now Rent An Inflatable Irish Pub For Your Birthday

Adults, don't look so glum when you see kids playing in bounce houses. Sure, they were tons of fun when you were a kid, but imagine how miserable you would be surrounded by annoying, sweaty kids with no understanding of personal boundaries.

We'll do you one better: Enter the Paddywagon Inflatable Pub, a fully-operational, inflatable Irish bar, a.k.a. adult bouncehouse, complete with a fake fireplace, cozy brickwork and cute little windows to make you feel right at home. You'll never need to worry about how everyone is going to figure out how to Uber home again -- just bring the pub right to your door.

"Visualize cold, properly poured pints of fresh Irish Stout, homemade Irish staples, such as [Shepherd's] Pie, Curry Fries and everyone's favorite Beef Stew," says the service's official website. "The Paddywagon Inflatable Pub offers not just the local Irish Pub experience, it offers a welcomed and refreshing addition to sandwiches, domestic beers and wine."

You can rent the pub online -- it comes with tables, chairs, a customizable drink menu, and, if you want, entertainment like live music, a DJ, Irish step dancers, a "pour your own pint" demonstration and/or a bunch of cuddly wolfhounds, according to Food and Wine. Seriously, how can anyone pass that up?

You can pack up to 70 people inside the larger version, or you can scale it down for a smaller tavern that holds around 30 people. 

Unfortunately, this heavenly company is only renting out of Boston right now, but we're crossing our fingers that they branch out soon. If not, it looks like you might be able to buy your own customized one from between $2,500 and $6,200, and it'll be yours in around three to four weeks to use for any birthday party, wedding or just a Sunday afternoon. Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it?

If you get one, please invite us over!

Here's what they look like: