Forget Unicorn Drinks, Try This Inky Black Latte (Photos)

Looking for a coffee as black as your soul?

If those oh-so-bright, sweet unicorn lattes and desserts aren't your thing -- or you're just plain tired of them already -- might you be interested in something a little more ... goth?

If so, check out Round K Cafe, and you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that this Korean-inspired coffee shop is giving new meaning to the term "black coffee."

The thick drink is billed as a matte black iced latte, according to the New York City coffee shop's Instagram post. Espresso, almond milk and 98 percent Dutch processed cacao come together with the magic ingredient, which, it may not surprise you, is a form of the uber-trendy charcoal that people love to drink and peel off their faces.

Specifically, it's called coconut ash.

Coconut ash, for those like me who don't walk around consuming it all the time, is "simply the charred and processed remains of a coconut shell," Nick Morgenstern, the owner of Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream in New York City, who sells black ice cream featuring the ingredient, told Mic in May 2016. 

It is technically a form of activated charcoal, an ingredient that a lot of people who aren't doctors say detoxes your body and is generally great for your health.

"Activated charcoal is just something organic that has been charred and processed with high heat so that it behaves like a filter," Morgenstern said, adding that food-grade coconut ash can be pretty "difficult to find."

Black lattes have been around for a while and have been served up across the world, usually with charcoal or ground black sesame seeds, though Round K owner Ockhyeon Byeon said that he is the first to create this particular coconut ash iteration, according to Food and Wine.

But how does it taste?

No word yet on the latte, but according to Mic, the coconut ash provides a subtle coconut flavor and has a tendency to dye your mouth a deep black, which will undoubtedly increase your goth powers for … at least a few minutes.

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The blackness comes off pretty quickly, most people say. And it might even help clean and whiten your teeth, which is a nice bonus for coffee addicts who worry about the stains.