Free Chipotle Queso For Customers In Holiday Sweaters (Photo)

Hark! The free queso sings.

On Dec. 12, the fast-casual Mexican restaurant will give away a free side of queso to anyone who orders an entree while donning the cheesiest of holiday sweaters.

Chipotle unveiled the giveaway on Twitter Dec. 6.

But Chipotle's free queso offer isn't the least bit appealing to some disgruntled customers, who claim the company's Velveeta-less alternative is "utter garbage" and "a crime against cheese."

The one-day giveaway comes after Chipotle's unsuccessful attempts at an all-natural queso, which had been the Tex-Mex locale's most requested menu item until it doubled down on a menu made exclusively of all-natural ingredients. Velveeta went and so did the cheesy dip's popularity, despite tweaking and testing a new recipe. The first queso batch was ascribed a "gritty" texture and crayon-like flavor.

According to Grub Street, the queso has seen three recipe changes since barring artificial ingredients, but with little notice. One person on Twitter asked, "When is the recipe changing?" Another said, "You should consider a new queso, this ones kinda weak."

Chipotle's commitment to real ingredients is responsible for the odd texture and taste, but its latest recipe change is promised to be "creamier than the initial recipe, and still has a really delicious flavor," according to company spokesman Chris Arnold.

However, customers did perk up at the prospect of free sides, just not queso. Guac, on the other hand? Now that's worth wearing an embarrassing holiday sweater. A few people tweeted to Chipotle asking, "May I get free guac instead?? No me gusta el queso." Chipotle clarified that the promotion will only cover queso.

Chipotle suffered a hit after multiple E. coli outbreaks across several states that garnered national coverage. Poor reviews aside, the company rose 17 percent in the last quarter, according to Grub Street, which comes after a long streak of declining sales.

Mark Crumpacker, Chipotle's chief marketing officer, said the company's new menu item increased sales with existing customers and attracted new, lapsed customers back into the restaurant.

Far be it for us to tell you how to run your life, but it's simple: Chipotle really wants you to try their queso. And it's free!