Free Whoppers From Burger King! But, There's A Catch

Your name has to be "grill." That is, it has to be the Spanish word for grill: Parrilla. It's an Argentinian last name, and those who've had to bear it all their lives now get a lifetime's worth of free Whoppers. Finally, some payback!

According to Adweek, those with the last name Parilla ("grill" in English) have suffered bullying for the sake of having such a name. Jokes were impolite to say the least, and now those who carry the name can wear it with pride. Way to go, Burger King.

The announcement was made in Burger King's latest ad, which is very real in describing the bullying that takes place against the Parrilla families. Some of the comments would include things like, "This weiner is for your grill," or "Take care of my meat." One vegan boy even mentioned that bullies would tell him he has no "eggs." I will leave it up to you to decide what they're actually inferring here.

The ad shows each of these unfortunate name-bearers receiving a note from Burger King (it kind of looks like a Hogwarts acceptance letter to me) explaining to them that the word "grill" is something they are proud of. "At Burger King we flame grill. And we are proud of it. It's how we cook our burgers. So as of today, if your last name is GRILL, you get a lifetime supply of free Whopper sandwiches."

As any of us would, each of the recipients of this generous gift have to take a second to get past the initial shock of the letter, and let it soak in that YES, this is real! Now, they can wear their name with a newfound pride (but what about the vegan name-bearers?).

Burger King's new Parrilla promotion helps to drive the point home that the chain's burgers are indeed flame grilled, and that they have a connection with grills, even people who bear the name grill.

“We are proud to belong to the Parrilla family for more than 60 years,” said Burger King's marketing director in Argentina, “and the best way to put it is by recognizing for life those who bear that surname.”