Gelato Shop Makes Their Frozen Treats Adorable Animals (Photos)

How do you eat food that's this stinking adorable?

Head over to Eiswelt Gelato, order your favorite flavor of the sweet, milky dessert and find out! From chickens to unicorns, you can get your gelato crafted as just about any animal you want.

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"Nowadays with Instagram and Facebook, everyone takes pictures of their food," owner and manager Vyvy Hoang told The Los Angeles Times in a December 2016 piece. "I think food always has to be presentable now."

At the time, the 22-year-old German native, who moved to the U.S. in 2008, was studying business full-time at UC Irvine and running her gelato shop in Westminster, California. She was going to class in the morning and running the shop and studying in the afternoon and evening.

All while selling adorable gelato animals.

Pretty dang impressive, if you ask me.

"I hear people tell me they drove two hours or five hours to be here," Hoang said. "I just think that's crazy. I never expected that."

Hoang, whose family is of Vietnamese descent, said that she picked the name "Eiswelt" because it means "ice world" in German.

"[In Germany] gelato is about a [dollar] per scoop, so around here, I thought ice cream was pretty expensive at $5 or $6 a scoop," said Hoang, the entrepreneur, whose family helps run the shop. "I wanted to bring something cheaper over to my new home but still hold onto that tradition."

Beyond price, she wanted her shop to be a little different than all the other ones around. So she did things her way.

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"I wanted to do something new and create somewhere cute, where girls can hang out," she said. "Other ice cream shops, guys meet up on their motorcycles. But the guys get pretty excited over our gelato too. It's pretty funny to watch."

And people love it -- Yelpers rave about the shop, saying that it offers flavors that taste just as good as other shops for much cheaper, plus what's not to like about the fun decor and adorned scoops?

Pretty cool, right?