General Mills Halloween Cereals Have Hit Shelves! (Photos)

General Mills' Monster Cereals are making an appearance once again for the 2017 Halloween season with monster-shaped corn cereal in blueberry, chocolate and strawberry flavors, complete with spooky marshmallows.

The classic villainous trio -- Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry -- with their delicious, sweet flavors have come back with a head-to-toe makeover that has them looking, well, really good.

The cereal boxes are a lot more colorful this year, and the new "Monster Marshmallows" seem to be the big selling point. Each monster has its own marshmallow shape and color, with Count Chocula taking the win for best and tastiest marshmallows because of its cool shapes (and because chocolate is always a winner).

Brown bats, brown Count Chocula heads, brown lightning bolts and swirled brown-and-white ghosts float temptingly in a bowl of milk, which will slowly sweeten and darken with chocolaty-milk goodness. ("The cereal milk is the life! And it shall be mine," Count Chocula would probably say ….)

Double-trouble Boo Berry and Franken Berry share marshmallow shapes but of different colors, making them just short of first place in flavor, but winners in color! I don't know about you guys, but the best part of cereal is the milk at the very end, especially when it's in funky colors. It puts that sugar high into high gear.

Striking as they are in the milk, these funky colors are a spectacle on the cereal box, too. The General Mills family are all seen dressed for the biggest Halloween "Monster's Bash" hosted by the villainous trio. Some of the cutest mascots can be seen here.

Take the Pillsbury Doughboy dressed as Frankenstein and five stacked Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares dressed as a tall, scary Dracula, and you've got an adorable Halloween shindig, replete with 10 ghosts hidden within the box's image.

And another great thing about cereal? The fun puzzles on the back of the box, while you gulp down your second bowl, contemplating a third ...

Expect Monster Marshmallow Cereals to hit shelves around late September! We can't wait!