General Mills' Latest Cereal Jabs Competitor Kellogg's (Photos)

There is comfort in choices -- from our heads to our feet including what we eat -- provided that those choices are within sensible boundaries. If you struggle with indecision, the breakfast cereal aisle, in particular, poses a threat to your sense of liberty: Do you like your cereal flaky, krispy, shredded, toasted, golden? Fruity and pebbly, lucky and charmed? It's not so simple. But if you like your cereal "magically duplicitous" -- a little bit of ballsy marketing to go with your sugar spike -- then step inside the saccharine world of big cereal competition.

General Mills rolled out a brand new, family-size cereal, spotted by snack and food blogger Junk Banter, that marries two of the best-selling cereals into one double-dealing box. Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes appears to be a collaboration between two cereal giants -- General Mills (Cheerios and Lucky Charms) and Kellogg's (Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes) -- however, the Tony the Tiger company had little to do with this cereal mashup.

A new cereal... Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes!

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Earlier in 2017, Kellogg's debuted a limited-edition Frosted Flakes cereal with marshmallows, which without a shape and context, like Lucky Charms "marbits" (another word for dried marshmallow pieces), falls short of a "gr-r-r-eat" cereal.

The internet called those tiny, random balls of marbits "coughed-up hairballs of Tony the Tiger's chest fur."

And in the world of cereal marketing (or serial marketing), this was an opportunity that could not be missed. General Mills soon thereafter positioned the dapper Lucky Charms leprechaun in front of a familiar blue backdrop and suspicious font that writes "Frosted Flakes." As Junk Banter pointed out, "apparently 'Frosted Flakes' is too generic a term to be trademarked." This was not an accident. This tweet, also not an accident, made a point to cite the champion cereal brand, writing "The original marshmallow cereal." Pettiness, it turns out, tastes like competition.

If that kind of thing sounds like your bowl of cereal, spoon up. According to Refinery 29, Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes will be available across major retailers nationwide starting early January. Family-size boxes (20.9 ounces) are priced at $4.99. General Mills is also releasing two new ways to have your morning breakfast -- shredded and blasted. Chocolate Blasted Shreds and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Blasted Shreds will appear on store shelves in January.