Get Beyonce Beer Before They're Irreplaceable (Photos)

If you like beer, Beyonce or both, you've probably already heard of Bieryonce, a German-style pilsner from the Brooklyn-based brewery Lineup Brewing.

And if you like beer, Beyonce or both, you've probably also heard that the "Formation" singer called on the brewer's owner, Katarina Martinez, asking to cease and desist production of the laudatory beverage just two weeks after it hit shelves.

The tribute beer features the same lettering as Beyonce's 2013 self-titled album.

Tonightís release was brilliant! Cannot wait for Saturday at @beerkarma.bstc ???? photo by: @grassowhat

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Martinez told Pitchfork that her female-run business was inspired by the "Run The World" singer. The Brooklyn brewer said she was disappointed after receiving the letter but said the limited-run pilsner tribute was "fun while it lasted."

Lineup Brewing's Bieryonce was so highly received after its limited run in October 2016 that Martinez decided to relaunch the product again in November 2017. Unfortunately, Beyonce's management team caught wind of the boozy homage, halting production immediately.

If you want to get your hands on these now irreplaceable Beyonce tribute beers, act quickly because Lineup Brewery's remaining beers are still available in only a select few New York stores, such as Beer Karma and Malt and Mold, until supplies sell out. It'll be the best thing you've ever had.

Lineup Brewery has since halted production but was quick to take action to salvage its German pilsner by renaming it to "Katarina" after its owner. Bieryonce will quickly phase out and be replaced by Lineup's latest self-titled beer, which was posted on Instagram just a few days after the cease and desist letter.

"Ask and Bey shall receive," the post reads. "We're still huge Beyonce fans."

According to Refinery29, this is not the first time the "Love On Top" singer had to steamroll tribute merchandise. An Etsy shop owner sold "Feyonce" mugs, which stopped following a cease and desist letter, and the artist is currently challenging a clothing company called Poison Ivy Park, which sounds a little too similar to Beyonce's clothing brand, Ivy Park.

If you're feeling drunk in love with Queen Bey, get in formation like everybody else.