Get Excited! Pizza ATMs Are Taking Over America

Dreams do come true! Pizza ATMs are real and hopefully coming to a location near you. What could be better?

Pizza ATM has been available to Xavier University in Cincinnati since August 2016, according to WCPO, but hasn't been available in any other location. However, it's such a genius idea that other parts of the U.S. and even areas in Canada are also asking for a slice.

Colleges and businesses in 20 states and Canada have shown interest in offering Pizza ATM to their own populations, reports WCPO. In fact, so many orders came through at once that Pizza ATM's product representative Alec Verlin said they had to push back distribution because they weren't prepared for so many inquiries!

According to NBC News, the pizza vending machine is open 24/7, and costs $9 to $10 per pizza, depending on your topping preferences. The machine itself carries 70 pizzas at a time, and it's set up to heat at the time of your order, which takes about 3 minutes. If your worry is that the pizza is of low quality, don't stress. The method of production is satisfyingly intricate.

First, cooks prepare vegan dough and tomato sauce (you know, so even vegetarians can enjoy a nice 3-minute slice of pizza), knead and flatten crusts into 12-inch circles, and top them with eight varieties of toppings before putting them in the refrigerated part of the machine. When you walk up to the large touchscreen, you can simply choose what kind of pizza you'd like and the machine pushes that pizza into the oven compartment and begins heating. Wait 3 minutes and your pizza comes out all boxed up and ready to go! Take a look at what's going on inside that machine:

No wonder there's so much interest! Why hasn't this made its way to the U.S. sooner? The original owner is a company called Paline, based in France. They'll help get distribution underway here in the States. It might take until 2018, but it's something to look forward to!