Get Excited! There's An 'Anchorman' Pop-Up Bar Coming

We are in a glass case of emotion over an "Anchorman"-themed pop-up bar that looks absolutely beautiful. Great Odin's raven!

Owner Zach Neil's immersive drinking experience, called Stay Classy, will be full of Will Ferrell stuff like movie posters, actual costumes, props and signatures, and bartenders will be serving inspiring drinks with names like Milk Was a Bad Choice and You're My Boy Blue, according to Eater. We can't wait!

The bar, which first started in New York City's Lower East Side in 2015 and was an instant smash hit, is now heading over to Los Angeles for 10 days starting on Dec. 5 right inside the TCL Chinese Theater. Get it while you can!

According the website for the New York bar, it is a general Will Ferrell character-themed affair that has an art exhibition, food, drinks, entertainment and trivia, and they might even throw the occasional "Elf"-themed holiday party if they so choose to bless us like that.

If you're serious about visiting the LA bar, there's a super-secret code thing you need to do, so take note of this and don't forget: You'll need to text the word "classy" to 929-291-0337. You'll receive further instructions from there. We recommend that you just go and do whatever they tell you within reason, because we genuinely have no idea what will happen from that point, although we can only assume that it has to do with entering the theater/bar and living it up, Ron Burgundy-style.

Ferrell himself is not affiliated with the bar, although we can't imagine he'd exactly hate it, considering that the Los Angeles pop-up will be raising money for Charity for College, Ferrell's charity that helps offset college costs for families who have been affected by cancer. There's no word on whether he'll be there in the flesh, but our fingers are crossed.