Get Ready For McDonald's McCafe in The Grocery Store (Photo)

McDonald's is becoming quite the household name. Christened as the founding father of chicken nuggets and the happiest of meals, old McDonald's will soon become a grocery name too.

According to the Chicago Tribune, retail and convenience stores will line their shelves with McCafe's frappes, lattes and other espresso-based drinks.

And considering McDonald's partnership with Coca-Cola Co., it's a guarantee that we'll see McCafe's just about everywhere. McDonald's is becoming a McGiant, already living up to its name as the world's largest burger chain.

The McCafe line consists of the three flavors: caramel, vanilla and mocha, which will also expand to restaurants. New additions will grace the McCafe menu, like the ubiquitous caramel macchiato, Americano and cappuccino. McCafe's cappuccinos will be available in French vanilla, caramel or hazelnut flavors -- iced or hot.

McDonald's, always tugging at our hearts and not our wallets, will sell the McCafe drinks for just $2, as a "discount drink promotion to spur repeat visits."

Food business is booming, flaring high competition among restaurants. And over the past few years, McDonald's has been trying to win its customers back through our most best-selling vice: our collective caffeine habit. Going down the coffee avenue is a smart (but also concerning) marketing move since the overwhelming majority of Americans are coffee drinkers.

And as the Chicago Tribune so aptly put it, "people are more likely to visit McDonald's every day for a coffee than for a burger and fries." The company said so themselves, "coffee creates a habit."

McDonald's has also made their bakery items more prominent, with "customer-facing bakery display cases for muffin tops," which, to me, sounds more and more like a coffee shop than a fast food joint.

The chain has been doing well in the most recent quarter, reporting "higher traffic in the U.S. for the first time in CEO Steve Easterbrook's tenure."

Coming to a grocery store near you -- the McCafes will contend with Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts for the top spot for your go-to buzz fix. So which coffee empire reigns supreme?

Only time will tell.