Get Ready For Nacho Fries At Taco Bell

Taco Bell is charging into the fast-food game with arms swinging. On Jan. 3, the Tex-Mex chain announced  that it will begin rolling out $1 Nacho Fries for a limited time, starting Jan. 25.

Talks of Taco Bell fries were abuzz since last spring when the fast-food joint ran tests with select audiences in West Virginia and Bakersfield, California, markets, according to a press release. Taco Bell fans can now get a taste of its crispy, golden fries sprinkled with Mexican seasoning and served with a Nacho Cheese dipping sauce on the side. (And it's just $1!)

Extra hungry customers can also choose between a Supreme ($2.49) or Bell Grande ($3.49) Nacho Fries (both loaded with the usual Taco Bell add-ons -- beef, pico de gallo, nacho cheese, and sour cream) or a $5 box with the fries, a Doritos Locos Taco, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a medium drink, if you want to make a quick and cheap meal out of it.

From Doritos Locos to Crunchwrap Supremes, Nacho Fries are a break from the usual Tex-Mex fare at this late-night eatery. But the newest addition comes after Taco Bell's rollout of 20 $1 menu items in test markets and nationwide this year, according to CNBC. The competition is stirring.

The battle for cheap deals is heating up as popular fast-food restaurants slashed prices to appeal to cash-strapped customers in the new year.

On Jan. 3, Wendy's joined the fast-food battle, announcing that it is expanding its "4 for $4" deal. Customers can pick and choose from eight entrees and pair it with an order of small fries, chicken nuggets and a drink for $4.

On Jan. 4, McDonald's officially debuted the "$1 $2 $3 menu" -- an update on its iconic Dollar Menu.

Also to follow in the fray is Subway, with a revamped $5 footlong deal, Del Taco, who recently relaunched its "Buck and Under" menu in late December 2017. Jack in the Box has been said to be focusing on the $1 and $5 price points, according to Businesses Insider.

There is no doubt -- fast-food companies are gearing up for an all-out showdown with McDonald's.