Get Ready For Olive Garden's Latest Pasta Passport!

Olive Garden is like the Grandma of restaurants. She stuffs you to the brim with her delicious home-cooked meals until eventually your belly gets so full it hurts to move. And still, Grandma Olive Garden persists that you eat your fifth helping.

Olive Garden is known for its exorbitant, even miraculous, neverending supply of breadsticks and pasta. No one has ever found the bottom of a bottomless anything at Olive Garden.

And almost as a dare, the casual dining restaurant offered Pasta Passes last year that gave 21,000 lucky customers unlimited access to pasta for seven weeks. The passes sold out in less than one second. Some passes were found on eBay for $900.

That $900 eBay price tag will definitely go up a few buckaroos this year now that Olive Garden is offering another ridiculous deal: $200 will get you a "Pasta Passport" that includes one Pasta Pass and a weeklong, all-expenses paid trip to Italy for two.

What's the catch, right?

No catch, just Olive Garden showing its grandmotherly love. It's the gift that keeps on giving -- the grandma that just keeps feeding.

Starting and ending in Rome, the trip includes stops in Florence, Assisi and Siena, where 50 very lucky guests will get to experience a trip of a lifetime. And every single thing on the trip is paid for: airfare, transportation, hotels, meals and excursions!

The trip will begin in April, which is less than a year away. Soon, the 50 winners will have a belly full of bottomless pasta, posing with arms stretched outward in front of the Tower of Pisa. Or head tilted upwards to behold the Sistine Chapel.

Pasta Passports and Passes will be available on Olive Garden's official website starting September 14 at 2 p.m. Don't just mark your calendars, be on standby and be prepared.

And judging from last year's one-second window, you'll need to have all your payment information ready and loaded. (Tip: Abuse the refresh button.) Get your browsers ready!