Get Ready For These Two New Pepsi-Cola Flavors! (Photos)

Are you somebody who is a fan of Pepsi-Cola but also is pretty into your health and wellness?

Sometimes carbonated beverages and nutrition don't seem to go too intuitively together; however, PepsiCo is trying its hardest to meld the two anyway, and has announced that it is releasing two exciting new flavors to its popular lineup.

Citrus Cola and Black Currant Cola are coming, the company announced on March 2, 2017, and they will both be made with all-natural, fair-trade and sugar-sweetened cola products, which is meant to appeal to consumers who are not so into artificial sweeteners or high-sugar products anymore.

The Citrus and Black Currant colas are scheduled to become the two new additions to Pepsi's 1893 portfolio. Basically, the 1893 products are comprised out of a blend of kola nut extract, real sugar (none of that fake junk) and sparkling water.

"With bold, unique flavors and premium ingredients we are delivering the next generation of colas with 1893," Stacy Taffet, senior director of marketing at Pepsi, said in a press release. "We are thrilled to introduce Citrus and Black Currant to the portfolio, offering a modern take for consumers while honoring the original cola recipes created over a century ago by our founder."

The new colas are slated to be packaged in apparently super sleek-looking and premium 12-ounce cans. Both the Citrus and Black Currant colas will be sold in stores where Pepsi products are typically available, and the suggested retail price for the drinks is $1.79.