Get Taco Bell's New Egg-Shell Breakfast Taco This Month! (Photos)

For those who stick to low-carb diets but have a soft spot for Taco Bell, there is splendid news: The always innovative chain's new breakfast taco will be available in August -- and it's absolutely bread-free.

The Naked Breakfast Taco consists of all the beloved fillings of a typical morning taco -- fried potatoes, cheese, and bacon or sausage (and nacho cheese sauce, because it's Taco Bell) -- but they're folded into a fried-egg shell. After an apparently successful test run in April, the new breakfast delight is set to hit menus nationwide on August 31, according to Eater.

Is egg a totally effective replacement for bread? Not necessarily, Brand Eating reports, as a fried egg (a bit greasy on its own) doesn't have the oil-absorbent infrastructure of a tortilla or biscuit. But since it's fried until crispy, it's sturdy enough to maintain shape and to keep its fillings from tragically falling overboard. Just do yourself a favor, and have a few napkins handy while you eat it.

If you find yourself uncomfortable with the indecency of a Naked taco, you can get yours Dressed. This drier variety sports the same egg shell, but it's double-wrapped in flatbread for a neater, albeit higher carb, meal.

Clearly, Taco Bell likes to rethink traditional taco wrappings more than the average fast-food giant. The Naked Breakfast Taco follows the reign (or lack thereof) of the short-lived Naked Chicken Chalupa, which featured chalupa fillings inside of a fried-chicken shell and enjoyed a spot on menus for less than a month. May it rest in peace.

The Naked taco isn't the chain's first voyage into unusually shelled breakfast tacos, either. The restaurant has previously experimented with vessels made from buttery biscuits, flaky croissants and puffy waffles. The only breakfast carb that remains untouched by Taco Bell is the doughnut, though it may only be a matter of time.

Celebrate the last morning of August with a Naked taco of your own for just $1.99. Since you're already splurging, go ahead and pair it with an order of salty, crispy hash browns and sugary, gooey Cinnabon Delights. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.