Girl Finds Deadly Razor Blade In Fast-Food Soda

Most people don't expect to encounter a life-or-death situation while sipping from a cup of soda at a fast-food restaurant. Unfortunately for Aubrey Simonds, however, that's exactly what happened to her daughter on April 29 in Keene, New Hampshire.

Simonds posted to Facebook a photo of a razor blade she found in her young daughter's soda at their local Wendy's. The razor blade is covered in brown filth, and its discovery prompted a swift investigation by Keene's health department.

While the little girl did take a couple sips from her drink before her mother spotted the deadly object, sources report that she is unhurt.

After a thorough examination, health officials now believe that they have ascertained the origin of the razor blade. According to sources, the blade was originally used to scrape food and grease from the restaurant’s stoves before being improperly disposed of in a trash can. Another employee spotted the razor blade in the trash and transferred it to a cup, planning to throw it away safely later in the day. However, before the employee could do so, a third worker grabbed the same cup and filled it with soda, handing the deadly drink to Simonds' unwitting daughter.

Despite the incident, the Wendy’s in question remains open and Keene's health department will not take any disciplinary action against the restaurant. However, Keene officials did suggest that local eateries review training procedures to avoid future accidents.

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