Girl Scout Cookies Are Getting A New Flavor And We Are Stoked!

August 10 is National S'mores Day! To celebrate this delicious holiday, the Girl Scouts are making a big announcement. They are marking 100 years of their organization and introducing a new s'mores cookie flavor!

The Girl Scouts report that there will be two variations of the new cookie: a graham cracker cookie dipped in icing and then coated in chocolate (3 boxes for me, please!) and a graham sandwich cookie with a marshmallow and chocolate center. Both should be enjoyed with milk, of course. While the sandwich cookie is more traditional to the s'more name, the chocolate dipped cookie is calling my name. Everything is better dipped in chocolate!

According to People Magazine, it's only fitting that the Girl Scouts come out with a new s'mores cookie on this anniversary, since they were the ones to popularize this campfire treat in the first place. They first dubbed it the "Some More" in 1925, then the name changed to "somemores" that same year. S'more seems to be the most fitting name, since we can never get enough! What a great way to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouts.

The cookies will debut in 2017, so don't get too excited yet. We still have some waiting time. For now, The Girl Scouts are asking us via Facebook to share our favorite way to s'more. It looks like there are countless ways to enjoy a s'more, so let's join in on the conversation. What's your favorite way to s'more?