Girl Scout Sells Cookies In Front Of Pot Dispensary (Photo)

The Girl Scouts of America is not just an organization to fix your Thin Mint and Samoa cravings. Along with raising funds for the national council, Girl Scout cookies help girls in decision-making, money management, business ethics, communication, and many other things.

An unnamed Girl Scout found a way to exercise her entrepreneurial spirit by setting up shop outside a marijuana dispensary.

The scout (with her dad in tow) sold 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies outside Urbn Leaf, a recreational dispensary in San Diego. But her marketing strategy caused quite a stir in the community, as selling outside a business requires a booth permit by the business owner. But this scout's marketing savvy fell in a bit of a gray area.

The scout and her dad were walking along the dispensary block for a few hours during Super Bowl weekend, selling cookies to customers picking up their fix of Girl Scout Cookies along with their Girl Scout Cookies (for the layperson, it's a hybrid cannabis strain).

Technically, the Girl Scout did not break any rules. She and her father were selling in a commercial area of San Diego (residential neighborhoods are not permitted), and the Girl Scouts organization generally permits girls to sell their cookies in wheel carts throughout town. This scout just so happened to travel past marijuana shops.

This gray area has some people lauding the scout's business-savvy, while others feel that Girl Scouts does not set a good standard for the association. One user came to the scout's defense saying, "Oh good Lord, she used marketing skills. They need to leave her alone," while others see a clear moral issue. "I mean, on one end, it's brilliant! On the other, 'Pot and Girl Scout Fundraising go hand in hand' might not be the headline you want."

Today conducted a poll to see where its readers stood on the controversy, and as of February 7, the scout's business move was generally approved, with 90 percent agreeing she did not violate rules.

Although this scout's marketing tactic was to sell to munchies-prone customers, it's a business move we can all learn from: There's money in the munchies.