Glitter Cappuccinos Are Now Available Until 2018 (Photos)

If you're looking to close 2017 with a glittery bang, you can start with this glittery cappuccino.

Costa Coffee is celebrating Christmas with liberal handouts of "shimmer coffee" that would put Ke$ha's makeup artist to shame. The glittery coffee will be available beginning Dec. 18, giving customers the choice to ring in the new year with a heapful of sparkle to their cup of joe. Flat Whites and Cortados are available in glittered hues. Their festive shimmer is nothing short of a work of latte art -- check them out!

Initially, Shimmer Coffee was available for a limited time only and in select stores, but according to Metro, Costa stores will serve sparkle joes for the entire holiday season! Gennaro Pellicia, master taster at Costa Coffee, couldn't resist adding "a final sparkle" to cap our 2017 year with Shimmer Coffee, now extended through the new year!

The coffee company is also giving away an early Christmas present to one lucky winner. Share your coffee on Instagram using #ShimmerCoffee and you will be automatically entered to win a year's supply of Costa coffee. The details can be found on Costa's official site.

Glittery cappuccinos have been on the rise since they appeared at a Mumbai coffee shop called Coffee By Di Bella. Glitter coffee confections come in gold and iridescent hues (Gold Cappuccino and Diamond Cappuccino, respectively). Customers say they taste just like a regular cappuccino, except they leave a glittery lip gloss on your mouth (and teeth).

Costa Coffee, a U.K.-based coffee chain and a close second to Starbucks, offers a deliciously colorful and creative array of festive drinks that gives Starbucks a run for their money. Popular festive flavors include the Billionaire's Drink, which is based on Millionaire's Shortbread (a caramel shortcake). Made with Belgian chocolate and caramel sauce, the drink is considered one of Costa's most decadent offerings. It can be served as a latte, hot chocolate or Frostino (the Starbucks equivalent of a Frappuccino).

Glitter coffee abounds across the pond, while the rest of us attempt to resolve our envy with Christmas Tree Frapps and glitter mugs.