Glitter Pizza

Glitter Pizza

Check out the Glitter Pizza by Dagwoods Pizza

Is it a cake? Is it a Sparkly Cake, or is it a weird rainbow ice cream? None of the above chief! It is a pizza that is covered in glitter and it is precisely the type of food you’d need when seeking to infuse some joy in your evenings.

This cheer spreading, doughy, glittery, saucy rainbow pizza is being created in a pizza shop in California. Dagwoods Pizza, located in Santa Monica, has developed a pizza that they feel is “MAgicalAF”.

The sparkly pizza has not escaped the celebrity love. While it has featured in Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show in the past, other celebrities like Holly Madison have also shown the desire for it.

Glitter-tinged foods have been trending now for quite some time and Glitter Pizza is the latest to join that trend bandwagon. While the DagWoods website doesn’t quite reveal any details about the taste o texture of the glitter or how it would fit into the dining experience but when has that ever been the point with trendy foods.

So if you are a resident of Santa Monica, feel free to order a “MagicalAF” directly from the DagWoods website. But if you are not a local, you will have to wait until the glitter pizza comes in at a trendy restaurant near you.