Go And Get Free 7-Eleven Slurpees With Your Siblings

Who doesn't love a Slurpee from 7-Eleven? When you know they're offering them up for free, you've got to go cash in on that prize. That includes right now!

Foodbeast reports that you buy one Slurpee and get one free as an extended promotion of National Sibling's Day. Sure, National Sibling's Day is actually over, but 7-Eleven is being generous and offering the promotion until April 16. The deal is available at all participating 7-Eleven stores, and considering how many there are, there's probably one near you.

So, what kind are you going to get? Slurpee is advertising some new flavors lately that it's likely hoping you'll try. Take the Trolli Pineapple Lime flavor, for instance. This flavor was reportedly inspired by Trolli Sour Bite Sloths candy, and it features a combination of pineapple and lime. Nice and refreshing for the upcoming summer months!

Some regional flavors being offered currently are the St. Paddy's Day Sour Lemon Lime (probably not around for much longer, so try it if you can), Jones Cane Sugar Soda (the Orange Creme flavor) and Eureka! California Blackberry Lime, which is available only in California.

If you live in Utah, you might be able to find a Utah Blackberry Lime flavor. The Cactus Cooler is an orange and pineapple combination flavor available in Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona. If you're located in Colorado, St. Louis, Missouri, or Chicago, you'll have to try the Candy Apple flavor. Especially since it's a limited edition offer.

Texas patrons can now get the Manzanita Sol Apple/Manzana Slurpee flavor at participating Texas locations. It's basically everyone's favorite apple soda in Slurpee form. What's not to love? Finally, there's a Florida Strawberry Mojito that's probably perfect for beachy relaxation. It features the flavors of strawberry and mint. What more do you need?

Take a look at the Slurpee website if you want to see some other flavors to choose from, but it's probably not necessary. If you head to 7-Eleven, you know you're going to find a flavor that speaks to you. Time to go cash in on that deal!