Go Get Free Ice Cream From Haagen-Dazs!

Haagen-Dazs Shops are giving out free ice cream cones on Tuesday, May 9, so head in and claim your tasty prize!

According to Brand Eating, this free cone giveaway is part of the annual Free Cone Day, and is available from 4 to 8 p.m. local time. Choose your fave ice cream flavor and enjoy today!

The Haagen-Dazs website reports that this promotion is about more than just ice cream. Free Cone Day is dedicated to creating a "buzz" about honey bees. Did you see that coming? Haagen-Dazs says "This May 9th, we won’t just be giving away free ice cream, we’ll be giving our flying friends some much needed recognition -- and we’re inviting our fans to join us."

Of course, the honey bees are needed to keep over one-third of the world's crops growing, but they're also necessary for one-third of the ice cream chain's ice cream flavors. If you think they are special flavors probably only offered by Haagen-Dazs, you're sadly mistaken. The affected flavors (that we wouldn't have anymore without honey bees) include strawberry, rocky road, mango and vanilla. Imagine a world without vanilla ice cream! I don't even want to.

Haagen-Dazs has donated over a million dollars in pollinator research and education, and has installed miles of homes for the little busybodies. It only makes sense to try and educate the ice cream audience of the effects of decreased honey bee populations, since we're rather attached to many of the crops that will be affected. That's why Haagen-Dazs wants us to know how we can also help.

Use Free Cone Day to not only enjoy your favorite ice cream flavor, but also to start a "buzz" about the importance of honey bees. Plant some wildflowers and other native plants to attract these pollinators, and protect their homes. They typically live in places like messy garden areas, tree stumps and open sandy areas.

Protect the bees and enjoy a strawberry or rocky road ice cream this May to show your appreciation for the honey bees!