Goodto go in US

Goodto go in US

Good news for all you keto diet seekers! GOODTO GO is coming to the U.S.

GOODTO GO has decided to tap into the consumers wishing to feel some keto love. Based in Canada, the company has decided to launch keto-friendly bars in the U.S. As of now, the launch is in Sprouts stores across the nation. However, other national retail partnerships will also follow soon. If you are wondering why another keto bar isn't their enough already?

Innova Market Insights would disagree as, according to them, in comparison to other sports nutrition and supplements, snacks made up about 9% of total keto product launches in 2018. So obviously, there is room for this snack subcategory. FONA International's research report claims that customers believe that the biggest hindrance to staying keto is an inconvenience that comes with preparing a keto diet consistently. Not convinced with that? So let's go over what a day of keto diet incorporates.

A lot of careful planning coupled with trying to find the right balance between your macros with the only goal being to attain a state of constant fat-burning ketosis. So unless you are an athlete surrounded by professional nutritionists, the keto snack bar becomes a necessary shortcut. The Keto-Certified GOODTO GO bards can take care of this problem efficiently. It contains 13g of fat, 3g of net carbs, 2g of sugar, and 7g of fiber. Available in 8 flavors, erythritol is used as sweeteners. Some of the flavors that GOODTO GO offers to include:

  • cocoa coconut
  • raspberry lemon
  • cinnamon pecan
  • blueberry cashew
  • chocolate mint
  • double chocolate
  • strawberry macadamia
The parent company of GOODTO GO and MadeGood snacks is Riverside Natural Foods.