Google Is Making It Even Easier To Pick A Place To Eat With Critics Reviews

Google wants to help you "[n]ever miss a 'must-try'" when looking for a place to eat.

Typical online searches for restaurants generally lead us to reviews from people just like us. Although this is appealing for a variety of reasons, sometimes we may want to know exactly how “top critics and best-of lists from reputable publishers” rate an establishment. This is where the newly tweaked Google search app comes into play.

"Whether you’re stopping by in a city for a weekend or just looking for a new local watering hole, we hope these latest tools from Google will hit the spot," Google said in an announcement released on August 4.

The search engine conglomerate will now offer reviews from top publishers, critics, and other recognized establishment as part of your search results on its mobile app.

In order to demonstrate the usefulness of such an update, Google provided some examples in which the recently updated app may help you "[make] the most of your visit" to New York City.

"If you’re craving dim sum, but not sure which place is a top spot, a search for ‘chinese restaurant’ may bring up Michelin favorite RedFarm in the West Village," the announcement explained. "Looking further at the search result, you’ll see it also appears on more than 10 best-of lists, including Eater, CBS Local and Refinery29."

Once you’ve eaten your Chinese meal, the Google search app can also help you find some of the top establishments for an amazing dessert during your trip.

"After seeing a sweet review from Zagat, head to Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery for a classic Parisian pastry," the announcement continued. "Serious Eats heralds it as one of 'The Best French Bakeries in NYC' and is also on Eater’s list of '15 Destinations of Holiday Sweets in NYC.'"

Some people have criticized the change, saying that expert reviews do not necessarily reflect individual tastes. Furthermore, reading expert reviews may dissuade patrons from learning about the dining experiences of the average customer.

One commenter wrote, "Yeah I really want to eat with the rest of the sheep. Dim Sim is NOT that hard. I would like to eat with people like myself not crowd followers and 5 star dim bulbs."

At the moment, this feature is available for only Android and iOS.