Got Milk? Find Out How This Woman Taught Her Thieving Coworkers A Lesson

Well this is certainly one way to keep your coworkers abreast of your standards for the workplace.

Nobody likes being the victim of thievery. As somebody who has lived in a dorm, in various apartment shares, and stayed in my fair share of youth hostiles, I can attest to how frustrating it is to approach a communal food cabinet or refrigerator, only to learn that the items individually purchased have been consumed by somebody else.

Apparently, there’s a woman out there who agrees with me -- and she’s had enough.

Per Delish, an anonymous professional woman went to her office’s communal fridge, and noticed that somebody -- or a few shameless somebodies -- had been helping themselves to her coffee creamer without her permission (or knowledge).

Rather than meekly allowing the perpetrator to continue, the woman decided to fill her coffee creamer bottle with a different dairy product -- namely, her breast milk.

The catch? She didn’t tell anybody or label the bottle, and instead let the “creamer” remain in the communal fridge for a week before revealing what she had done.

A photo of her note was posted on Reddit, thus serving as an empowering reminder to all victims of petty snack-bandits.