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Grill Everything: 6 Awe-Inspiring Recipes You Should Make This Week

There's nothing quite like firing up the grill on a warm summer night. You get to enjoy the warm weather while your grill infuses savory smoke into your dinner and makes the whole area smell completely delicious.

Plus, you can grill almost anything -- pizza! fruit! We'll show you how to do it with ease.

1. Jerk Chicken

Impress your friends with this favorite. Here's everything you need to know about making the perfect jerk chicken, from the tangy, spicy marinade to the best grilling method to get that perfect tender texture.

2. Filipino Barbecue

Make these skewers with pork or chicken for a succulent savory-sweet meal.

3. Grilled Avocado with Salsa

The fact that you can grill an avocado should be enough reason to do it, but if you need more convincing, do it for the smoky flavors and beautiful, crisp grill marks.

4. Grilled Cauliflower Steaks with Pesto

Cauliflower is its best self when grilled. Slather it with pesto for extra happiness.

5. Grilled Pizza

This is 100% a real thing. Not only do you get that delicious charred, smoky grill flavor, but this method also mimics super-hot pizza ovens, making it far superior to the soggy and/or cardboard textures that you sometimes get in a conventional oven.

6. Grilled Peach Splits

Ready for dessert? Grill some summer peaches with pecans, butter and a whiskey caramel sauce to top it all off. Not only will you have fun grilling dessert (novelty!) but the peaches also get a gorgeous, delicious caramelization, so this is definitely a win-win dessert.