Guess How Much Money This Person Paid For Rare Grapes

In Japan, something is selling for $350 a piece and $11,000 in bulk.

The thing is not Apple Watches, not used Yeezys, not small pieces of your soul.

It's grapes. The thing is grapes. Like the fruit.

But the grapes, of the Ruby Roman variety, aren't just fruits; they're a status symbol, according to The Guardian.

They're grown in only one district on the Japanese island Honshu, and they weigh 20 grams and are 18 percent sugar. They're often referred to as gems, as they attract wealthy consumers and shop owners looking for lots of business.

They're also the product of a 14-year government-funded program, according to Epicurious. This isn't too unusual; Japan, like other East Asian countries, has a fancy fruit-buying culture.

This Ruby Roman auction season, shop owner Takamaru Konishi made the winning bid. He plans to give a few lucky customers a sample before selling them for big bucks.

They're grapes. The most expensive grapes in the world.