Guy Caused Twitter Controversy With French Fry Ranking

Don't you dare mess with french fries, especially the curly ones.

Twitter user Maurice Peebles, a Bleacher Report deputy editor, knew to be prepared for controversy when he made the grave misstep of ranking seven different cuts of french fries and decided that steak fries somehow taste better than curly fries.

He listed them in a viral Twitter post that, as of the evening of June 9, has more than a thousand likes.

Here is what he had to say:

Look, obviously he was wrong, OK? Twitter was not having it.

"I'm irate," one Twitter user responded. "You need to see a professional," said another. "Psycho, like you read about."

Shoestring and wedge fries in the top three? No way, said Twitter.

Another called the #2 ranking for shoestrings "borderline psychotic."

A few others with seemingly damaged taste buds took Peeble's side.

Let's get something straight: Steak fries are trash. Unless they are twice-fried until they actually have some semblance of crispiness, then I can make an exception.

Curly fries are infinitely better than the dry but somehow still soggy, lazy knife skills-style steak fries. Ugh. Meanwhile, curly fries are not only fun to look at and bounce like a slinky, they are perfectly seasoned and taste great crispy or soggy.

Other Twitter users are on my side too. A ton of people objected to his clearly wrong choice to relegate curly fries to the second-to-last spot.

"STEAK AND WEDGE BEFORE CURLY?" one person commented. "WHAT THE F*** MO. WHAT. THE. F***."


Hey, it's true. And a lot of other people side with #TeamCurlyFry. A January list from First We Feast put it best. In a definitive fast food fry ranking list that put Arby's curly fries in the coveted number one slot, Josh Scherer of First We Feast astutely pointed out that "curly fries are criminally underrated," and I can't agree more.

"First, the thin, lacy, heavily seasoned, and spiced batter coating of the fries creates a failsafe crispiness," he wrote. "It doesn't matter how long they've steamed in the to-go bag, the batter is always going to give you that crunch. Second, the curly shape gives you variety. For every pulpy and soft overall coil, you get an extra crispy stand-alone curl."

It's true, and you know it.

Your move, Peebles.