Guy Creates Petition To Make Tacos Texas' State Food

With all of the petitions circulating lately, there's bound to be one or two mixed in there about food, right? The latest is specifically about tacos.

Munchies reports that Mando Rayo of Texas has launched a petition to make tacos the state food of Texas. In explaining the significance behind the need for the petition, Rayo said, “whether you grew up here in Texas or you got here as soon as you could, you’re eating tacos.  In Texas, people eat tacos on a weekly basis. Hell, tacos were here before Texas was Texas!”

Well, there you have it. This seems like a pretty legitimate reason to me … but I may be biased based on my own love for tacos. The problem is that the official state dish is currently chili, which was mandated in 1977, stating that "one cannot be a true son or daughter of this state without having his taste buds tingle at the thought of the treat that is real, honest-to-goodness, unadulterated Texas chili.”

Rayo seems to think it's time for an upgrade to that particular piece of legislature. Taste buds do change, after all. We can't all be eating Texas chili forever. He also happens to be a taco expert, who writes for (check it out if you want to sign). The taco blog obviously covers all things taco, and it really does show a love for the food item in the state of Texas. It's part of the culture, really.

Then there's also the fact that the Texas state snack is chips and salsa. Are you really going to eat chips and salsa with chili? I don't think so. At least, it wouldn't be better than chips and salsa and tacos. It just seems right!

Naysayers feel that tacos aren't as American of a food as chili is, and that a food that isn't "American" shouldn't be the state food for Texas. However, Rayo has an answer for that too. He actually believes that flour tortillas were invented in San Antonio, and if tacos came around before Texas was part of the U.S., that doesn't make the food any less Texan, right?