Guy Put Mayo In His Coffee, Totally Grosses Out Twitter (Photos)

Twitter is in an uproar over Jim Salisbury.

It started as a harmless question asked by a Twitter user about replacing cottage cheese for milk in a mac and cheese recipe. Salisbury, a Philadelphia sportswriter with I'm sure were best intentions, chimed in to tweet his disturbing dairy-tale (pun intended).


Twitter swarmed in with an entertaining spectrum of emotions. From tough love to embarrassment to theatrical-level drama -- people definitely had something to say about how he takes his coffee.

Black coffee is infinitely better than a frothy mayonnaise-flavored brew.

I think both are equally terrible.

Salisbury's coffee choice ruffled some feathers.

However, in a half-hearted attempt to defend Salisbury, I will say that it is fairly common for keto dieters to put coconut oil, butter and even eggs in their coffee for its extra fat and protein content. The keto diet, meant to put the body into ketosis (when the body uses fat for energy, instead of glucose), includes foods high in fat and moderate protein. Some keto dieters call this fatty coffee concoction "Bulletproof Coffee." But, Salisbury is not quite on target with this mayo-infused coffee. Mayo is made of egg and oil, so maybe this is not entirely offensive? But, as a huge drinker of bulletproof coffee, I can't imagine this shoddy recipe tasting remotely good.

One Twitter user perfectly captures the one and only reaction to this (hopefully) honest mistake: