Guy Runs Into Burning House To Save His Beer (Photo)

When one man's house caught fire, and he realized his beer was inside, nothing could stop him from rescuing it. Not even police and firefighters …

The New York Post reports that South Dakota's Michael Anthony Casteel, 56, was arrested for obstructing law enforcement when he ran into his burning home to save two cans of Bud Ice Premium. Charges allege that Casteel defied orders twice on his way into the house in Sioux Falls to save his beers.

The Sioux Falls Police Department took to Twitter to discuss Casteel's actions. They posted their thoughts about the incident, then followed up with a SpongeBob SquarePants meme that reads, "So, you are telling me, the structure was on fire, he was ordered to stay out, and he ran back in for his beer when the SFPD and SFFR were there already[?] Right when you think you have heard it all! #Underarrest".

Naturally, a social media storm began after this, with many joking that the beer-saving man was a hero.

That Bud Ice Premium must be pretty delicious for two cans of it to be worth risking your life over. Either that, or Casteel didn't understand how much easier and safer it would be to simply head to the store and buy some more.

According to Foodbeast, the bond was only $300, so I guess that's not too bad. It's still a lot more expensive than just buying more beer, though.