Hack Your Cookie Dough With These Delicious Stuffed Cookies

We love cookies as much as you do. Nothing beats the homemade stuff, but we know it's a lot quicker to grab a tube of it from the store. We get it. But what if you have store bought dough sitting in your fridge, and you want to do something special with it? 

As it turns out, we have some seriously delicious ways to jazz up your cookies. All you have to do is make a cookie dough ball, flatten it out, and then wrap it around your cookie stuffing of choice, and bake it like you would normally. If the dough starts to get sticky, we recommend wetting your fingers to keep things easy to manage.

We love chocolate chip cookie dough wrapped around a few mini marshmallows for a s'more flavor, or you can wrap the dough around an Oreo or a couple caramels and let it blow your mind. If you have chocolate cookie dough, try wrapping it around a peanut butter cup, a mint chocolate (like Dove) or Rolos. Let your imagination run wild!

What are your favorite cookie dough fillings?