Hand Sanitizers That Really Take It To The Next Level

Hand Sanitizers That Really Take It To The Next Level

Right when you thought you've seen it all Candy Emporium IT'SUGAR thought they'd kick it up a notch.

Say hello to their four different types of sugary-smelling hand sanitizers. In today's world it seems like you can get beauty products, soaps, and lotions that are inspired by almost any food or beverage brand out there. From Hershey's chocolate-inspired make-up to Icee Bath Bombs! So it's no surprise that the hand sanitizer category had to be revamped by some of your favorite sweet treats.

Candy emporium IT'SUGAR's line up includes: grape Mike and Ike, followed by Strawberry Smarties, Cookies & Cream Dippin' Dots, and Cherry Icee.


Each hand sanitizer is pocket sized and even comes with a carrying case. Additionally, each product also contains 65 percent alcohol which passes the CDC's recommended 60 percent alcohol level (for comparison, Purell is made with 70 percent ethyl alcohol, according to The New York Times).

If your looking to score some for yourself, they are available on the IT'SUGAR website, $15 for a pack of four.