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Happy Mother's Day! Check Out 13 Great Places To Brunch From The West Coast To The East Coast

Ready or not, Mother's Day is just around the corner! If you're not one of those folks who can whip up the perfect brunch on the fly (full disclosure: I am not), then why not have the professionals give Mom a day she'll remember and love? We've done some of the hard work for you by finding a slew of great places for the perfect Mother's Day Brunch around America. Check them out, pick your favorite and call to make a reservation before it's too late! Have any places to add? Tell us in the comments! (Also before you yell, I am well aware this isn't actually ordered from West Coast to East Coast.)


  • SALT at the Marina Del Rey Hotel
    • Not only is SALT delicious, but they've got a whole brunch menu dedicated to Mother's Day this year. Plus, look at that view. Imagine dining on Japanese Hamachi or a Croque-Madame while staring at that beautiful marina. 
  • Maia
    • Looking for something trendy? Then West Hollywood hotspot Maia is the ideal brunch location.  



  • Randolph Brooklyn
    • Looking for a fun and relaxing Mother’s Day brunch? Check out Randolph Brooklyn, which is offering a special deal with large-format pitchers, plus an entree for $35. If you're looking for something crafty and boozy, it's the place to go. (You can also check out Randolph Beer.)​
  • Jack's Wife Freida
    • If you're looking for somewhere cozy and delicious, with that family feel, check out Jack's Wife Freida. They've got two locations, and are sure to impress even the pickiest of moms. ​



  • Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
    • There's a reason why Michael's is a classic in Miami: good food, cool people and a jazz band debuting on Mother's Day. 



  • Lark
    • Lark is having it all this weekend by celebrating Mother's Day AND the Kentucky Derby. So get excited, because you can totally celebrate both. And their drink, Run for the Roses, sounds amazing! It's got Woodford Reserve bourbon, rose water, fresh mint and crushed iced, served in a julep cup.
  • Volterra
    • When you ask someone from Seattle where a brunch staple is (and I know, because I asked), the answer is most certainly Volterra. And of course, they're cooking up something special for mom.



  • Tabor Tavern
    • First of all, I'm pretty sure that you can't have a bad brunch anywhere in Portland. But if you want something even the locals love, check out Tabor Tavern. The food is delicious. And when you're brunching and drinking in Portland, that's what matters. 
  • Accanto
    • If a neighborhood restaurant isn't your thing, how about some brunchie pub fair? That's what's happening over at Accanto. Their brunch menu is inventive, exciting and--to use an overused word--delicious! 



  • Fork
    • People of Chicago, Fork has a brunch option that features Belgian waffles sandwiching a burger. If that doesn't draw you in, I don't know what will. 
  • Gather
    • Gather is making Mother's Day totally perfect for your family by offering a meal and all the Mother's Day trimmings you could want for $35 per person. Trimmings include Chocolate Chip Muffins, Strawberry Pop Tarts, Maple Breakfast Sausage and Cast Iron Cornbread with Honey Butter, among others. Basically, I want to go to there



  • Zazie
    • Looking for an awesome atmosphere? How about Zazie! Their brunch menu is extensive, and their drinks are nothing to scoff at. Plus, all of their prices factor in everything for their employees from living wages, to insurance and 401(k) plans. So you can feel good about eating there, too. 
  • The Tipsy Pig
    • If you've only been to The Tipsy Pig at night (which plenty of my friends have), then you're missing out on a totally fantastic brunch scene. Their menu updates classic favorites, and you can enjoy it while hanging out in their patio area. It's a win for everyone. 


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