Have You Heard About McDonald's Blueberry Creme Pie?

Nothing reminds you of home like a warm slice of pie. 

Whether it's returning home after a long day to the smell of pie baking in the oven, or digging into a slice at a holiday or family gathering, pie in the American mind is more or less synonymous with home.

Everyone has a personal favorite, though the star of the show is usually apple pie (which is often associated with America).

Still, for some, the favorite is cherry or blueberry ... For people like me, who dislike fruit, it's chocolate cream (one of my favorite desserts, when done well).

But if you're a blueberry pie fan, then I have some berry good news for you. Berry good, indeed.

Even if you're far from home, you can now get your favorite homemade treat on the run at certain McDonald's. 

This summer, McDonald's is serving warm Blueberry & Creme pie for a limited time only at participating restaurants, according to Brand Eating.

McDonald’s is bringing back the popular treat at select areas, including Los Angeles.

The Blueberry & Creme Pie is a baked, turnover-style, rectangular sugar-coated pie filled with blueberry filling alongside a layer of vanilla-flavored creme.

One McDonald’s customer writing for 92Moose described the pie filling as “cheesecake-like.”

It’s very similar to McDonald’s Strawberry & Creme Pie, if you’ve tried that, except for the unsurprising fact that it’s made with blueberry instead of strawberry.

In Los Angeles, Blueberry & Creme Pies are being sold for 89 cents each, or two pies for $1.50. Deals on deals.

In the past, McDonald’s has served other seasonal or limited-time pie flavors such as smores, pumpkin pie, cheese, fried taro and even tuna (that one was in Thailand).

I don’t know about this tuna pie, but the smores pie sounds like a pretty safe bet (FYI it has a graham cracker crust).

So, is this new summer pie the perfect pick-me-up for your homesick blues (Get it? Because blueberry …)?

Or is there another flavor you would have rather seen at McDonald’s?

I vote Nutella pie next.