Heads Up, Spicy Oreos Coming In Hot (Photo)

Oreo has come out with some flavor oddities over the past several years like Candy Corn and Candy Cane. Now The Junk Food Aisle reports Hot and Spicy Oreos just along the horizon.

And depending on how you feel about Red Hots or Hot Tamales, you'll either love or hate this potentially new Oreo flavor (and the same school of thought goes for Candy Corn and Candy Cane Oreos, which are real flavors, believe it or not).

For those of us not quite sold on the idea of a spicy cinnamon Oreo, we need not worry; Delish pointed out something amiss on The Junk Food Aisle's Instagram post, pictured below.

"Chocolate" is spelled "Chococlate" at the bottom of the package, which might mean it's photoshopped.

But other commenters have noted that the photo is not a production package, and an error-free package will be available for the new product's release. Teen Vogue guesses that the limited edition flavor will debut on shelves sometime around Valentine's Day; candies arranged in a heart-shape may be a giveaway.

This could be Oreo's way of testing a new flavor with the public before release; and if so, the reviews are mixed. One Instagram user agreed Red Hot Oreos are a "haaaarddd pass," while others said "I feel a let down coming on." This could be another Swedish Fish Oreo debacle, which you could expect, without having tasted them, are terrible. (They received 2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.)

Delish tried to reach out to an Oreo spokesperson to comment, but unfortunately they could neither confirm nor deny the new flavor, but responded with a "cryptic statement": "Regarding the recent flavor rumors, when we have more details to share about OREO news we'll be sure you're one of the first to know!" Today also reached out to an Oreo spokesperson who replied with the same vague response.

Oreo ... always a mystery what they'll do next. Their newest flavor is an actual mystery: "Mystery Flavor" is set to hit shelves Oct. 9, and until then, you can try to guess the correct flavor for a chance to win $50,000.