Hellmann’s Introduces 5 New Drizzle Sauces

Hellmann’s Introduces 5 New Drizzle Sauces

The mayo game is about to change! Many people think that mayo is an underrated condiment, but we beg to differ. Hellmann's has just introduced their new line of Drizzle Sauces that are able to top, dip, or dress anything you throw at it.

The five sauces have a wide range taste profile so they're up for any cooking/dipping challenge you present. First to the line up is Roasted Garlic sauce, right off the bat we know this would be perfect on top of french fries or even spread on-top a burger bun. Second is the Cilantro Lime sauce, which we're thinking can be drizzled on some fish tacos.

Third, the Creamy Chili Honey Sauce, and we're saying this sings fried chicken sandwich... but it may go head to head with the fourth sauce, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. Saving the best for last (or atleast what we think), Bourbon BBQ sauce; this may be our go to sauce, drizzling it on almost anything we can think off. No matter which you decide, all sauces will come in a squeeze bottle making it easy to apply, so no knives will be required.

Best of all, they're all gluten and dairy-free so you can feel good about serving them to almost all people.

Image Source: Hellmann's